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Recordkeeping - Injury & Illness
use RIGHT mouse click to download MS Word, PDF and other non-webpage files.

  OSHA Recordkeeping - Current
   Recordkeeping Handbook - Web version
   Recordkeeping Handbook - MS Word (RIGHT Mouse click)

   General Recordkeeping Guidelines
   OSHA Recordkeeping Standard 1904
 OSHA Recordkeeping Forms - Current
   OSHA 300 Log
   OSHA 300A Summary form
   OSHA 301 - First Report Form
   Supplemental Report of Injury
   OSHA Recordkeeping XL Spreadsheet
  OSHA Standard  Pre-2004

   OSHA Standard 1904 - Injury & Illness Recordkeeping
   Recording criteria for cases involving occupational
     hearing loss. - 1904.10

   Hearing Loss Recordkeeping Clarification

   Recording MSD Cases

  Forms & Documents  Year 2002/2003
Year 2002 Forms
OSHA 300/301/300A Excel Spread Sheet (1.15 MB)
    ZIPed Files - faster download
        OSHA 300 Excel Spreadsheet (171 KB)

OSHA 300/301/300A Forms (PDF)
(1.05 MB)

Year 2003 Forms
  OSHA 300 Recordability Checklist
        Web Page
        MS Word
        PDF File

   First Aid Case Checklist
        Web Page
        MS Word
        PDF File

  OSHA 300 -OSHA Log (pdf)
  OSHA 301 - First Report (pdf)
  OSHA 300 A - Annual Summary (pdf)
  300 Log Spreadsheet (excel)
  Form Guidelines (pdf)



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