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OSHA Accident Reports & News Stories

Workplace Accident Reports
  Amputation Accident

Battery Room Explosion

        -includes photos from the scene
  Bench Tool Accident
  Boiler & Steam Burn Accident

  Confined Space Accident

  Confined Space Fatality During Rescue
  Confined Space Entry Accident

  Confined Space - 4 Fatalities

  Crane Accident

  Electric Shock

  Fatal Electrocution

  Elevator Fatality

  Fall from Roof

  Forklift Accidents
  Standup Forklift Accidents
Hand Grinder Injury - includes photos
  Material Handling Accident

  Nail Gun Accidents
  Portable Power Tool Accident

  Scaffold Fatality

  Trench Box Accident
  Trenching Fatality

  Water-Reactive Chemical Accident

Accident Reports - Electrical
  Arc Welder Fatality
  Chain Link Fence Installation
  Cross Wired Conductor
  Electrical Cabinet Maintenance
  Metal Fish Tape
  Lighting Maintenance
  Lineman Fatality
  No Ground Prong
  Pipe Hits Transformer
  Residential Service Accident
  Scaffold Hits Powerline
  Stripping Hot Wires
  Tracing Hot Wires
  Truck Ladder Hits Powerline
  Power Tools & Water
  Welding & Water
  Carding Machine - Textiles
  Dismantling Equipment
  Switch Box - Electrician
  Limit Switch - Electrician
  Troubleshooting Electrician
  Fast Food - Toaster
  Food Processing - Laborer
  Food Processing - Maintenance
  Electrician Helper - Maintenance
  Induction Furnace
  Lather Operator
  Replacing Light Ballast
  Machine Operator - Relay
  Mobile Home Assembly
  Molding - Grinder
  Motor Controller
  Painter - Tower
  Plastics Machine Operator
  Power Cord
  Pump Casing
  Rubber Worker
  Service Technician -Crawl Space
  Unloading with Crane
  Sueder Machine Operator
  Laser Maintenance - Supervisor
  Textile Servicing
  Transmission Line Work
  Truck Driver - Crane
  Truck Driver - Unloading
  Warehouse - Moving Material
  Moving Auger
  Welder - Metal Fabrication
  Welding Machine

News Stories
  Equipment Failure Accident

  Welding Accidents

  Piping System Accidents

  Chemical Release Accidents

  Explosion at Natural Gas Company
  Sulfur Dioxide Release
  Hydrochloric Acid Spill
  Lightning Sparks Chemical Fire
  Freon Sends 2 to Hospital
  Plastics Plant Explosion
  Molten Metal Spill
  Propane Explosion



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